Sunny Day
Vanilla cake with Lemon curd and vanilla buttercream frosting  6' - $30.00 (serves 8-10) or 8" $45.00 (serves 12-14)

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Cakes by Laura, LLC specializes in designing your distinctive story wedding cake, or all occasion cakes.

Your House Cakes for all occasions

​Because every moment has a story to tell, let the story be told with a cake.​

Screamin’ Beans
Rich Espresso Chocolate cake filled with Raspberry filling and frosted with Raspberry Buttercream 6' - $35.00 (serves 8-10) or 8" $45.00 (serves 12-14)

Fond Memories
Delicious Old World German Chocolate cake topped with cooked coconut topping/chocolate drip and frosted with chocolate buttercream 6' - $40.00 (serves 8-10) or 8" $65.00 (serves 12-14)

Fresh Berry
Raspberry cake and filling with Italian Meringue Buttercream 6' - $40.00 (serves 8-10) or 8" $65.00 (serves 12-14)

The Hummingbird
This lightly spiced pineapple and banana cake is kissed with a hint of cinnamon. Filled and frosted with and Italian Meringue Buttercream 6' - $40.00 (serves 8-10) or 8" $60.00 (serves 12-14)