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​​​​I take pride in designing one dream at a time! Because every moment has a story to tell, let the story be told with a cake featuring your unique story!

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​​​I take pride in designing the cake of your dreams one dream at a time!  Each cake is unique to you and features your love story! ​​Every moment has a story to tell, let the story be told with a cake featuring your unique story! 

LOVE is Love for everyone because this day is about love, and everyone deserves it.

My passion for baking started as a child, growing up on a farm in Newberg, Oregon. I recall my mom, and fraternal grandmother frequently baking and I loved to help when ever I could. Years later while I was attending junior high school, I was introduced to the art of cake decorating from my future Mother-in-law. As I began to have a family of my own and my focus changed. I no longer had time to pursue baking and cake decorating, other than as a hobby while meeting immediate needs.

Fast-forward thirty years. In 2015 picked cake decorating back-up as a hobby and my passion for the art of cake decorating was reignited. With encouragement from my family and friends, I started dabbling with the idea of starting my own business, but had to keep putting it off to pursue other more pressing needs.

In early 2015, I met a person who became a mentor, showing me how I could create more opportunities to practice my art, while sharing the results of my passion with others, thus the official business of Cakes by Laura LLC was born on January 31, 2016, I opened my business here in Salem, Oregon.  I operate a licensed domestic kitchen bakery from my home and I do not have a public “storefront." I can be reached by appointment only. 

While this journey is still being traveled, I truly enjoy meeting other people, sharing ideas, and turning those ideas into delicious realities. So welcome to my website, enjoy the creations, and contact me if you would like one to call your own. I do look forward to designing for you and “Making the edible incredible one bite at a time.”

Best Wishes, Laura

Cakes by Laura, LLC is a licensed Domestic Kitchen Bakery, located in Salem, Oregon. We are an award winning business who offers, both event and wedding cakes and other bakery confections.

State of Oregon Department of Agriculture~ Licensed Domestic Kitchen Bakery #AG-L1042104DKB

 Oregon State Business Registry Number 110719796

By appointment only. Serving the Willamette Valley: Albany, Corvallis, greater Portland and SW Washington locations.